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Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge features just 4 spacious and comfortable cottages, each with its own private courtyard and positioned to enjoy views of the Banjar River and neighbouring forest. Nature is the focus of a stay at Flame of the Forest, all the while ensconced within a warm and professional service style that epitomizes a boutique hotel stay – warm, convivial, professional with a personal touch. The dream of the owners, Karan, Isabelle and Dhansingh, working together with the indigenous people of nearby Kuthwahi village, Flame of the Forest was built from the ground up in 2008 using local crafts people and techniques to ensure their dream would be realized in a sustainable way that would work in harmony with the local environment. Over 2,000 trees were planted during the construction within their 10-acre grounds, creating a mixed forest habitat that surrounds this Kanha safari lodge. A dream come true for Karan, his wife Isabelle, and Dhansingh, their goal was to create a space that provides the boutique hotel experience in a safari setting, working sustainably both with the surrounding wildlife and the local community, and their goal has been beautifully realized in Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge.

Early morning jeep safaris to enjoy the wildlife of Kanha National Park start the day, and swapping stories around the campfire before dining on a wonderful dinner from the freshest local produce brings a perfect Flame of the Forest day to an end. While nature and wildlife are the focus of a stay at Flame of the Forest, aside from expertly guided safaris to enjoy the incredible surrounding wildlife, guests can also enjoy guided walks to local tribal villages, fascinating visits to local markets, and yoga in the safari lodge’s own Shala or Yoga Pavilion.



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Your Host and The Team

“Flame of the forest is truly a dream come true for my wife Isabelle and myself, along with a few indigenous people of the area who I’ve worked with at other lodges. Surely the indigenous lifestyle of Kanha’s people, its simplicity, elegance and sense of grace and their sheer knowledge of the ways to coexist is very inspiring besides the mystical natural beauty of the park and its inhabitants. We believe each individual is special and has different needs. Our goal is to understand their needs and try and address them to our best capacities with our wonderful team. May it be dietary needs or walk at sunrise, a jungle jeep safaris tracking the elusive cats or walk around the tribal villages, its awe-inspiring to us and to most of our guests. We would like our guests to reconnect themselves with our natural world while staying with us in our wilderness home. To refresh, relax and revive during their stay, to love life and to live consciously.”



Cottages (4 units)

  • Cottages (4 units)
  • Cottages (4 units)
  • Cottages (4 units)
  • Cottages (4 units)
Cottages (4 units)
Each of the cottages has been built by hand using local materials, by local artisans employing traditional techniques and in this way the cottages are in perfect harmony with the environment. Spacious en-suite bathrooms include both an outdoor rain shower and an indoor shower. Cool stone floors and traditionally built, mud and dung whitewashed walls ensure temperatures are comfortable year-round. Set with a king size bed that is carefully positioned to ensure views to the river from the bed, these spacious 85sqm cottages can comfortably sleep up to 3 guests. Decorated and furnished with locally made furniture and art pieces, the interiors are warm and homely with a strong sense of place. Each of the 4 cottages has a courtyard sit-out set with a comfy day bed to enjoy the views of the river and forest, watch the sunset beyond the river, or to stargaze at night.

Facilities and Highlights


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Facilities and Highlights

  • Flame of The Forest Safari Lodge highlight
  • Flame of The Forest Safari Lodge highlight
  • Flame of The Forest Safari Lodge highlight
  • Flame of The Forest Safari Lodge highlight

  • Jeep Safaris: Safaris into the neighbouring Kanha National Park, accompanied with an expert naturalist, to marvel at the wide variety of life that calls Kanha National Park home. With a wonderful biodiversity Kanha is home to more 35 species of mammals including its famed population of Bengal tigers, more than 300 species of birds and over 500 species of insects and reptiles. Keep an eye out for the enormous Gaur or Indian Bison, Hyenas, Leopards, of course the Bengal Tigers, and look to the skies for Hornbills, Crested-Serpent Eagles, Adjutant Storks and the state bird of Madhya Pradesh, the Paradise Flycatcher. And as Kanha National Park was the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling's book 'The Jungle Book', look to the ground to spot an Indian Rock Python, the largest python and the inspiration for Kipling’s Kaa character.
  • Yoga Shala: Peacefully set to enjoy the sounds of the surrounding nature, take guided yoga practice in Flame of the Forest’s Yoga Shala. Yoga Retreats are also possible, the Shala comfortably accommodates 12 students.
  • Energetic Healing : Isabelle is a trained Pranic healer, Reiki, access consciousness and quantum healer. Personalized sessions are available to guests of Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge where the blessings from the surrounding nature promote healing and wellness, especially when combined with dining on the freshest produce at the lodge and practicing daily yoga during your stay.
  • Nature walks and Village walks: Guided walks can be designed to match guest preferences. Personal and private, perhaps take a walk to bird and butterfly watch, or to learn more about the surrounding trees and insects. A visit to a local tribal village is also possible, and not to be missed is a trip to a local market.
  • Cuisine: All dishes are based on the freshest local produce and reflect this Kanha safari lodge’s Indian and Asian heritage. The kitchen team are all employed from the local indigenous community and have worked closely with Karan’s mother and sister, who are experts in Indian and Asian cuisines. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diets are also catered for. Dining can be set in a variety of locations, from the open-air dining room, to fireside, to riverside. It is said, “Indians Live to Eat not Eat to Live” and the dining experience at Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge reflects this Indian celebration of food.

Useful Information

Total number of rooms: 4 cottages
Time zone: (GMT+05:30) New Delhi
Currency accepted: INR
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:  
Your concierge is ready to assist you with planning and completing your reservation, contact them on dream@secret-retreats.com

Airport: Jabalpur Domestic Airport (JLR) - 140 km
Train Station: Jabalpur Station - 140 km

Kuthwahi Village, District Mandla, Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh 481661 , India

We Care


The team at Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge has ever since founding worked closely with the indigenous people of Kanha and the workers of the Forest dept. of Kanha. Additionally, Isabelle started Hathi.ch 2010, a social enterprise to empower women and promote education and understanding women’s issues and menstrual hygiene. Hathi is funded by the sales of products handcrafted by local women (sold locally and in Switzerland) and by profit from the operation of the lodge.

Hathi also offers different work opportunities for local women in the periphery of the Kanha National Park and ensures a safe work environment. Skill trainings are free and job opportunities guaranteed once the skill training is completed. Hathi initiated the project for women and menstrual hygiene (link to the project page) where a team of ladies have researched eco-sensible sanitary pad options. As women we stand strong for women.

Hathi was founded by Isabelle and her sister, who is located in Switzerland.
“We are two sisters working together even thou we are living miles apart, in countries searching for counterparts, more opposing than ours: Switzerland and India. The head of production is located in central India (Madhya Pradesh) in the world famous Kanha National Park. Rural life around the National Park is a hard life for many that depends mainly on farming for survival. Due to the global climate change, weather has become unpredictable and farming is becoming harder than ever. Job alternatives are rare not only due to a lack of diversity and availability, but also due to a lack of learned skills. We are a mission first company and offer help in this critical situation. We offer skill training and employment for women, so they can find a regular income, independent from farming.

Our products are crafted and designed at home, in the Kanha National Park. The focus is on an eco-sensitive, environmentally responsible and socially responsible approach for every product we produce. We source locally or through foundations and NGO`s. The printed design is born through inspiration from the Safaris in the National Park or through collaborations with highly skilled craftsmen.”

“With just 4 cottages at this beautiful boutique safari lodge in Kanha National Park you are away from the crowds, which is so essential for any wildlife experience. And immersed in the atmosphere of staying within a home while enjoying truly superlative service standards.”
Kim, the discoverer.

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